Are you tired of...

  • avoiding the practice room?
  • feeling overwhelmed by all the music you have to learn?
  • feeling like it's a struggle to make sense of the notes on the page?
  • feeling like you can't sight read as well as you'd like to?
  • going to lessons, rehearsals, and performances feeling unprepared, frustrated, and nervous?

I have a passion for helping musicians discover joy in the practice room and on the stage.  In just a few coaching sessions with me you will...

  • look forward to your next practice session.
  • have concrete, achievable goals that you successfully accomplish each time you practice.
  • look at the notes on the page with fresh eyes and with more musical understanding
  • go to lessons, rehearsals, and performances feeling confident, excited, and successful!

Whether's it's through music practice coaching, performance coaching, new repertoire walkthroughs, pattern reading, recital & audition planning or teaching workshops to groups of students or teachers, I will find a way to bring joy to your music-making. 

Contact me today to see how having a cheerleader who will take you Beyond the Notes in the practice room and on the stage can transform your musical life! 
Photo: Carly C Photography