Practice coaching

Practice bootcamps

If you feel you could use an overhaul on how you practice this is the option for you!  

Videotape a 45 minute practice session and send it to me.  After reviewing your practice session we will have a meeting either in person or via skype/facetime/phone to discuss strategies to improve your time in the practice room.  After having time to work on these ideas you will record another practice session and we'll schedule a follow-up to answer any other questions, address and unresolved issues, or work on specific challenges.    

$280 covers the entire practice bootcamp and includes handouts.

Practice coaching

For those times when you're in the practice room and are completely stuck on what to do next or on how to conquer a particular passage, contact me and will meet with you either in person or on skype/facetime/phone as soon as possible.  

Individual practice coaching sessions are $30 for every 1/2 hour.