I give workshops on a variety of topics and for different audiences.  Below are just a few of my most requested topics.  If you have any other ideas of topics that would be more appropriate or helpful for your group or organization, please feel free to share them with me.  For some reactions from people who have attended my workshops, check out the testimonials page.

Workshop Topics

Frustrated boy in practice room

Musical Investigations

Learning to see music as patterns rather than individual notes increases a musician’s ability to learn it more quickly, securely, and musically. Together we explore how to make these connections for ourselves and for our students.

Woodshedding can be painful

Beyond Woodshedding

Thoughtless woodshedding leads to frustrated, exhausted, and physically tired musicians yet so often that's what we resort to.  In this workshop we explore ways to practice that engage the mind and body to keep us challenged, encouraged, and constantly improving.

Singers can be divas in the practice room

The Practicing Singer 

Unlike most instrumentalists, spending hours singing in a practice room isn't always the healthiest option for singers.  In this workshop we will explore various ways to learn and practice, some of which involve singing and some which don't so that music is learned quickly, accurately, and musically.  

Upcoming Events

October 4, 2016 - "The Practice Toolbelt" for parents of young students.  Celloworks Studio, Blacksburg, VA

March 8, 2017 - Practice workshop for VMTA chapter in Charlottesville, VA